Let FX Mastering add the final touches to your valued recordings!
Mastering is the final process where your music evolves from mix master to final product, ready for duplication and distribution.

The process requires ‘critical listening’ and involves a combination of data encoding and audio sweetening – corrective equalisation and dynamic enhancement which ensures correct sound translation on all playback systems and commercial duplication format.

FX has a long standing reputation for supplying the best customer service and widest range of audio equipment across all of its divisions – and this is unquestionably maintained within FX Mastering.
audio processing equipment
FX Mastering continues to be my studio of choice and has provided a fantastic environment for reworking some of The Who's classic albums.
Bob Pridden - Producer/Sound Engineer
Our experienced engineers will take good care of your songs to ensure a premium mastered product using Mastering Suites which are equipped to the highest standard -
Digital Processing: eMerging Pyramix V.7 Mastering Workstation, TC Electronics M6000
AD-DA: Prism XR with DSD Card capability for SACD
Analog EQ: Prism/Maselec MEA-2, Manley Massive Passive
nalog Compression: Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Compressor, EMI TG-1, Fairchild 670, Tube Tech SMC-2B, Cranesong STC-8, Manley Variable Mu, Avalon VT747SP Valve compressor
Analog Playback: Ampex ATR102 & 104, Studer A80, Linn Sondek LP12
Digital Playback: Pro Tools, Logic Audio, PCM1630, PCMF1, PCM7030, Alesis Masterlink
Monitoring: PMC
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Call 020 8746 2121 for more information on Mastering with
FX Copyroom.
Just spent a day with Richard Whittaker at FX , mastering the album & yes… he is as good as they say!
Mike Kellie - Musician/Producer
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