The widest range of audio & music equipment - available for hire 24|7.
Throughout each year, FX will be open, every hour, every day, every week, every month! Call us on 020 8746 2121.

◼︎ Need to rent a valve microphone or digital processor for a session… no problem!
◼︎ PA system or turntable for a party… no problem!
◼︎ Keyboard or drum kit for a gig… no problem!
◼︎ The FX offices are manned and ready to give you instant delivery and full technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
FX Rentals has the largest selection of audio equipment available for hire, from a single mic to a full Pro Tools rig, from a drumkit to a PA system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It all comes with full technical support, and you can hire it for as long as you want, from a single day to extended periods.

We continue to offer a true 24 hour service for both bookings and technical support, call us anytime night or day to arrange delivery and collection of equipment, for support or to check equipment availability.

Substantial discounts on hire charges are available to regular customers in addition to discounts for longer hires. Our online ratecard shows daily rates for equipment before discounts – call us for details on our pricing.

Open all hours! – Call us on 020 8746 2121
Frequently Asked Questions About Rentals

How much do you charge?
Browse our daily rental rates, and then call us (24hr) to find out how much discount you qualify for. Our discounted rates can be as much as 50%.

Do you do deals on longer hire periods?
We operate a maximum four day charge for a week’s use, and a maximum 12 day charge for a month’s use. We are happy to negotiate for longer periods of hire.

Do you deliver?
We have our own fleet of vans that cover the London M25 area, and we use couriers for the rest of the UK and Europe. We make a charge for delivery and collection.

Can I collect and return the equipment to you?
We are open 24hr. Just let us know what times are convenient for you.

Can I rent the same day?
Many of our jobs are for the same day; but advance booking will ensure the equipment is available.

What if I need to keep the equipment longer than I booked?
It is often the case that equipment is required for a longer period; just call us up if you need an extension on the hire.

Do you set up the equipment?
We can send an engineer to install systems if you require, a charge will usually be added for this service.

What if I have problems with the equipment?
We are open 24hr for technical problems. Call us first and we will endeavour to either solve the problem or replace the equipment.

I’m a new customer, what do I need to provide?
We ask new customers to verify their identity and leave a deposit.

I’m not sure what equipment I need?
Phone one of our technical team who will be happy to talk through the various equipment options.

How can I pay?
We accept all debit/credit cards, bank transfers and cash. We offer credit account facilities for regular hirers.

What about insurance?
Whilst the equipment is in your possession, you are responsible for insuring the equipment.
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