FX Yourspace. Recording rooms priced at £15 / hour

open 24 hours


Rooms are available daily for three 3 hour sessions.
10am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
7pm – 10pm

Book an individual session for £15/hr OR the whole day (12 hrs) for £135.

Book your room on
020 8746 2121

Two spacious, bespoke recording/mixing rooms available to hire by the hour or day at £15.00 & vat per hour!


“It felt like singing in my own living room, so relaxing and with great equipment to hire literally downstairs should you need it….”
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Each room has 5.1 monitoring, air conditioning, vocal/instrument booth & natural daylight.


Bring in your equipment or hire from FX Rentals’ huge range of equipment at 75% discount.

Communal lounge area with audio tie-lines,
internet, plasma TV.

(Rooms available for hire 7 days a week
between 10.00am – 10.00pm)

Call 020 8746 2121 for
booking information


Your Comments

“It’s my favourite place to record, quiet and a good place to focus. Plus there’s the equipment downstairs to hire should you need it, and a place to park. The service is the best so there’s always a good atmosphere which is condusive to getting tons done.

I love it."

Cerys Matthews


“It felt like singing in my own living room, so relaxing and with great equipment to hire literally downstairs should you need it. The service was fast and friendly and we were able to do more than we imagined in the time. One of the best and most productive recording experiences I’ve ever had and I can recommend the valve mics too….We will be using it again, that’s for sure”

Helen J Hicks
LoudMouthMusic Ltd


“What I like most about ‘yourspace’ is that I can make it ‘myspace’, very easily… Being ‘freelance’ it’s not always convenient to have various band members and or A&R guys traipsing around your own gaff ! Not too mention the fact that It’s so easy to park there and the Tube’s not far away…

So far, I’ve only used ‘YourSpace’ to mix in but, I can easily imagine a situation where I make full use of the two rooms, and record a band there…Using one room to as a control room and the other as recording area…

You don’t even have to worry about the neighbours because… there aren’t any. ha!"

Steve Lowe


We had the chance to use FX’s rooms for some sessions in the past with state-of-the-art equipment and gear, and thanks to the highly professional staff who helped us on getting all we needed for our work.
We definitely are going to take advantage of FX rental for our projects to come, sure to be the right choice for any kind of audio session.
A special ˜thank you" to Roger for his kindness and professionality.

Enrico Sesselego, Los Angeles, CA
Cagliari, Italy

COMING UP SOON : www.sesselego.com

A studio space without all the paraphernalia and stuff that you don’t need, but…

FX rentals with an abundant supply of good things that you might want, from an old vintage mic to a Rickenbacker twelve string, available 24 – 7 – 365. And…

A great atmosphere with friendly staff (and all the technical know-how).

Oh, and the kettle’s always on.

It’s your space – You can make it whatever you want.

Simon Nelson –

“For us as a music production house the FX space is perfect; we tend to use larger studios for the major part of our productions and then record vocals, acoustics etc at home. We have become used to working in a variety of great and weird places and this year proves the point, we’ve been recording at Abbey Road Studio 2, an English Hunting Lodge and a garden shed! We have enough good recording equipment both in but regularly need a treated room to work in but don’t necessarily want to pay £500/day for a space with tons of gear we’re not going to use. The FX rooms are a very attractive affordable alternative for people who don’t have their own serious studio environment.

The FX rooms are simple, acoustically treated, nicely decorated well organised spaces. We brought a macbook, pro tools, mics, a few preamps and were setup in 30mins – so you can drop in and be up and running in no time We came in to make some over dubs for an album, elec gtrs, vocals, acoustics. The artist was completely satisfied with the space and the results. Also, this place is completely suitable for bringing clients to present our music for TV / radio spots etc.

The most exciting part for us was the way in which the the FX warehouse is an essential part of studio set up, its like a door out the back of your bedroom to a magical musical equipment world. There is some great and very useful gear…its all there, vintage mics to gongs, plectrums to pro tools rigs all at 75% discount!! The FX boys are amazingly skilled professionals, you’ve got gtr tech’s, amp dudes, pro tools ninja’s, organ synth freaks, and Bomber Harris’s legendary collection of incredible drums including the very special hihats… and believe me you want to try them!!!




Supplement your own equipment with some choice items from FX’s huge range of gear. Valve mics, vintage amplifiers, DI boxes, Pro Tools; it’s all on site and available in minutes at 75% discount.


Room One: 13′ × 12′
With Booth: 10′ × 5′

Room Two: 12′ × 15′
With Booth: 7′ × 5′

Your Comments…

“…The FX boys
are amazingly skilled professionals, you’ve got gtr tech’s, amp
dudes, Pro Tools ninja’s, organ synth freaks, and Bomber Harris’
legendary collection of incredible drums….”

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