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“I’m a long-time user of the FX Copyroom. The service and attitude is fantastic, nothing is too much trouble, the price is right and they’ve got every recording format available!” Conor O’Mahony, Atlantic Records

Audio format transfer division FX Copyroom boasts three fully-equipped suites where any audio format can be copied, transferred or prepared for archiving. Analogue tape which has suffered oxide shedding can be restored by baking in specialist ovens before transfer. FX Copyroom also offers a low-cost File Transfer Protocol service (FTP), which transfers data files via a high speed internet server.

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The FX Copyroom has now acquired many, many years of combined experience working with all types of tape-based media. During that time our highly trained engineers have been instrumental in analysing and providing solutions for restoration and repair of damaged, delicate and aged media. This work has gained us a worldwide reputation as being one of the leading experts in tape based recovery and restoration.

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver an outstanding service, we of course ensure that our equipment is maintained to its peak performance and our engineers and technical staff are trained to provide the excellent service that has come to be expected of FX’s reputation.

The Who: Tommy Super Deluxe Edition & FX Copyroom

Richard Whittaker, FX Copyroom manager gets co-production credit alongside Bob Pridden for the 5.1 surround mix of The Who’s classic album Tommy on the four-disc 45th anniversary Super Deluxe Tommy box-set.

Read the full five-star review in the Feb/March 2014 issue of Sound & Vision magazine here.

Read the full five-star review in the Feb/March 2014 issue of Sound & Vision magazine here.

FX Copyroom restores and transfers The Rolling Stones analogue and digital audio tapes.

FX Copyroom has had the privilege of restoring and transferring a various array of digital and analogue formats for The Rolling Stones. These projects have included Exile On Main Street, Some Girls and more recently audio for the soon to be released documentary feature film Crossfire Hurricane.

“FX are investing in the technology to keep the old formats alive and the new kit to have them sounding good!”
Mick McKenna


The FX Copyroom’s tape baking and format transfer has now been extended to cover video and film formats.

Richard Whittaker from the Copyroom states, “Having identified, and formulated a solution to the problem of audio tape degradation, it is a natural step for us to extend this service to the video and film industries. We are now able to restore and transfer tapes to and from a wide range of video formats including the popular 1”C and 1"B video formats."

For more details, have a look at our tape formats page



A previously unheard 30-minute tape of a Beatles recording session recently passed through the FX Copyroom.

The reel-to-reel recording was auctioned in the UK earlier this year after being found in an attic clearance by the son of a man who had previously worked in the music industry. The recording contains banter between Lennon and McCartney as they try to finish recording the ballad I’ll Follow the Sun, as well as other compositions by the duo.

Purchased by Premier Muzik Int. Corp. in Canada, Gino Olivieri commented, “After acquiring probably the most important piece of music history for our company, ensuring that it was properly saved was equally as important. Kevin at the FX Copyroom took special care in transferring this precious tape professionally and securely.”

Kev Vanbergen commented, “After close inspection, we found that the 1/4” tape was in surprisingly good condition and didn’t need baking. We made a 24Bit 192 KHz digital copy for Gino – ensuring that this material won’t be lost again!


Copyroom Manager Kevin Vanbergen reports – Steve Webbon at Beggars Banquet/4AD has recently asked us to remix this entire classic Pixies album in order to provide stems for future use with the computer games Guitar Heroes & Rockband. I’m having to mix by ear, using a cd as reference as after 20 years, the Recall Sheets have been long lost. Fortunately FX have a huge armoury of classic reverbs and eqs to make this possible, although I would say that 98% of the work is being done digitally within Pro Tools. The reverbs have been particularly tricky as reverb plug-ins have progressed so quickly that they’ve left the old hardware reverbs behind. On ‘Here Comes Your Man’ I spent around 8 hours trying to find the right sounding reverb to the point I ended up pulling PCM70s & SPX90s off the shelf. The plug-ins just don’t have the same early ‘digital’ sound that were used at that time. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to work in professional studios 15 years ago so I kinda knew what I was looking for.

The audio stems are basically submixes of the song which, when lined-up together recreate the final mix of the song. This enables the computer programmers to breakdown the song elements accurately for precise audio-visual synchronistation.

We’re also using this project as an opportunity to archive the whole album which is widely regarded as a classic. Steve at Beggars asked that we deliver the mixes as Pro Tools WAV files at 24Bit 96KHz using Prism ADA-8XR A/D Convertors.

As a point of note, we delivered all the files to the US client via Digidelivery – see below!



We’ve recently installed the popular DigiDelivery system at our London HQ. DigiDelivery offers an easy, fast and secure way to transfer digital files across the internet without the need for recipients to enter IP addresses, usernames or passwords. The system is already popular within the film, broadcast and pro-audio industries and is used internally by the FX Pro Tools and Copyroom departments. We also offer clients the facility to hold their own account within FX’s system, allowing them to transfer their own files directly from studio to client.

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But also look at the Digidesign website.


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