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Founded in 1992, initially hiring only effects processors, FX Rentals has emerged as Europe’s leading audio rental company now supplying the recording, post production, film and live industries across the UK and Europe.

Realising that customer satisfaction is a key element to a successful business, quality of service has always been high on FX’s agenda.

  • Premises are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide continuous and reliable technical support with a fleet of vehicles that ensure quick and efficient deliveries.
  • On the phones, friendly, knowledgeable staff are happy to share their expertise, whether dealing with first-time enquiries or long-standing industry clients.
  • FX Rental’s discount structure guarantees that everyone benefits from competitive rates, regardless of the length of rental period.

Regular film and broadcast clients include the BBC, LWT, Shepperton and Pinewood studios, Warner Bros, New Line Cinema and Soho post production facilities. Whilst top studios such as Abbey Road, Metropolis and Air are among FX’s long-term recording clients, together with the major and independent record companies, management, producers, engineers and musicians.

Within the very active live market, FX regularly supplies PA systems and musical instruments for parties, corporate events, live music events and artist showcases.

Other FX services include equipment sales as well as the FX Copyroom, an audio format transfer division which has restored and transferred many historic recording projects as well as providing the latest technology including a high-speed file transfer service (FTP).



How much do you charge?
Browse our daily rental rates, and then call us (24hr) to find out how much discount you qualify for. Our discounted rates can be as much as 50%.

Do you do deals on longer hire periods?
We operate a maximum four day charge for a week’s use, and a maximum 12 day charge for a month’s use. We are happy to negotiate for longer periods of hire.

Do you deliver?
We have our own fleet of vans that cover the London M25 area, and we use couriers for the rest of the UK and Europe. We make a charge for delivery and collection.

Can I collect and return the equipment to you?
We are open 24hr. Just let us know what times are convenient for you.

Can I rent the same day?
Many of our jobs are for the same day; but advance booking will ensure the equipment is available.

What if I need to keep the equipment longer than I booked?
It is often the case that equipment is required for a longer period; just call us up if you need an extension on the hire.

Do you set up the equipment?
We can send an engineer to install systems if you require, a charge will usually be added for this service.

What if I have problems with the equipment?
We are open 24hr for technical problems. Call us first and we will endeavour to either solve the problem or replace the equipment.

I’m a new customer, what do I need to provide?
We ask new customers to verify their identity and leave a deposit.

I’m not sure what equipment I need?
Phone one of our technical team who will be happy to talk through the various equipment options.

How can I pay?
We accept all debit/credit cards, bank transfers and cash. We offer credit account facilities for regular hirers.

What about insurance?
Whilst the equipment is in your possession, you are responsible for insuring the equipment.


Lord of the Rentals Rings

FX RENTALS initially became involved in the Lord of the Rings project with the first film – The Fellowship of the Ring, back in 2001. For the second film, FX strengthened its relationship with New Line Cinema, the production company behind the trilogy, by being appointed the sole audio rental supplier for the entire project. See below for press release distributed on November 2003.

The eagerly-awaited final instalment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King, will be released in the UK on December 17. Rumoured to be even greater than its two predecessors, the Return of the King features a dramatic soundtrack to accompany all the tension and drama the film delivers.

Once again FX Rentals has played a large part in the scoring process. The West London-based hire specialist supplied transportable recording packages based around a Pro Tools Mix system and numerous Pro Tools edit systems, Prism ADA8 A/D converters, a Studio Network Solutions Storage Area Network (SAN), MADI routers and converters and a host of ancillary equipment to capture the orchestrations of composer Howard Shore. The soundtrack was recorded direct to hard disc with a Sony PCM3348HR as back-up by scoring engineer John Kurlander, who was based at Abbey Road for 30 years before moving to Hollywood and has collaborated with Shore since Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia in 1993.

London-based FX Rentals has been involved with the Lord of the Rings from the first, when it was contacted by UK production company Hothouse Music to supply a small amount of equipment for The Fellowship of the Ring. By the time it came to scoring the second film, The Two Towers, FX Rentals’ role grew substantially as New Line Cinema and Hothouse appointed it sole audio visual rental company.

“When I was asked to fulfil such an ambitious equipment request I instantly thought of FX Rentals as I knew they would be able to deliver the equipment we needed on time and on budget,” says Hothouse’s UK production co-ordinator Karen Elliott.

However it wasn’t a question of renting out the equipment for a straight three-month period as the systems were constantly being set up, broken down and transported between numerous venues around London. The recording was split between Abbey Road and CTS Studios at Watford Town Hall. Meanwhile a studio was set up in the Dorchester hotel suite of US composer Howard Shore, creating a 5.1 environment similar to his New York studio, which enabled him to review the recordings at the end of each day. On top of this, the soundtrack had to be sent by Fat Pipe to Peter Jackson in New Zealand and Shore’s team in New York.

“We were really working as consultants to New Line Cinema as the brief wasn’t just to supply some racks, but to build a complete mobile system that could be used across various venues,” explains FX Rentals’ technical director Frank Oglethorpe. “The solution we delivered included copper fibre-channel cards to access the large and small SANs, Euphonix MADI switchers and converters and was used throughout all the editing and scoring sessions. For a project like this the recording is just the start of the process. Being able to share data between different locations around the world was just as important, and we worked with New Line, Abbey Road and also Howard’s technical team to create a solution that could do that.”

The project co-ordinator was FX Rentals’ John ‘Oz’ Osmond who interfaced with all members of the scoring project and handled the logistics of transporting the gear between locations, a feat of accomplishment involving more than 70 moves between Abbey Road, Watford and FX’s West London premises – in total more than 4,000 miles.

Paying tribute to FX’s role in the scoring of The Return of the King, Paul Broucek, executive vice president of music for New Line Cinema, says, “FX are more than just a rental company to us, they became a crucial part of the Lord of the Rings team. They helped make the whole thing possible.”



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