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Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional Turntable

Pioneer is marking 20 years in the DJ industry with the launch of a modern classic: the PLX-1000 professional turntable. The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables. The result is a familiar layout with some next generation improvements, including a high-torque direct drive system, multi-pitch control, club-grade build and sound quality, and detachable power and audio cables.


  • High-torque direct drive (33⅓ rpm in 0.3 seconds)
  • Classic DJ turntable layout
  • Removable power, ground and phono cables
  • S-shaped tone arm
  • Multiple tempo control options: ±8%, ±16% and ±50%
  • Tempo reset button
  • Solid build for excellent vibration damping
  • Professional-grade gold-plated RCA jacks
  • Rubber-lined tone arm to improve isolation and prevent feedback

Proel HCM3 Headworn MIc

Professional, lightweight, low profile, omnidirectional headworn mic with 5mm capsule, giving very good vocal sound. For use with Shure wireless systems.

Ideal for presenters and actors – in fact for any hands-free application requiring minimum microphone visibility. Delivers clear vocal sound in a very light and very low profile format.

Mackie SRM450 V3 Active Speakers

The Mackie SRM450 V3 is a high definition active PA loudspeaker featuring a 10" low/mid driver and 1.4" high frequency compression horn offering 500 Watts RMS / 1000 Watts peak of power. Equipped with an integrated 2 channel mixer, digital sound shaping tools and automatic feedback destroyer the SRM450 V3 provides high quality audio output with control and dependable reliability.

Part of the most widely used portable PA speaker range ever, the Mackie SRM450 V3 delivers professional sound quality alongside unparalleled ease-of-use and road ready build quality that is designed to last. Packed with 1000 Watts of peak power, sound-enhancing DSP (digital signal processing) and setup-friendly audio tools, the SRM450 V3 is the perfect speaker when looking for volume with total audio clarity and control.

The SRM450 V3 features an automatic feedback destroyer, with a single-button interface that gets you optimized in just seconds. 4 separate speaker modes allow you to quickly tailor the speaker response to the exact application and environment with total ease and simplicity. The integrated 2-channel mixer allows you to easily mix multiple sources from Jack, XLR or RCA connections.

Pioneer DJM-2000 nexus DJ Mixer

Building on the DNA of its predecessor, the industry standard DJM-2000, the DJM-2000nexus uses the ProDJ Link LAN connection to ensure a smooth link with up to four CDJ players or turntables and two laptops. The new Sync Master lets DJs set the master BPM for four CDJ players and control it from the mixer, while Beat Slice allows tracks to be sliced and arranged in real-time. These new features combine with favourites such as Quantized Beat Effects, Live Sampler and studio-quality Instant FX to deliver truly powerful remixing possibilities.

The new flagship mixer retains its predecessor’s popular 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch screen, to offer a multitude of ways to manipulate the music. In addition to being the nerve centre for features such as Sync Master and Live Sampler, DJs can use the touch panel to control three innovative performance modes – Frequency Mix, an enhanced Side Chaining Remix mode, and MIDI mode – for even greater originality.

The professional grade DJM-2000nexus is designed with the club environment in mind. A newly designed Peak Limiter eliminates distortion and clipping, even at high volumes, while high performance channel faders provide smooth motion and a long life. Improving on the high quality audio of the DJM-2000, the DJM-2000nexus boasts a lower jitter DAC clock on the Master Out, and the best quality A/D converter seen in the DJM series so far. Plus, chrome plating and white LED illumination mirrors the design of the CDJ-2000nexus, for a professional set-up that looks as good as it sounds.

LD Systems MAUI 28 Compact Column Active PA System

The LD MAUI 28 (Multiple Array User Intuitive) is the perfect solution for musicians and DJs as well as presentations and events with sophisticated music playback.

Because no cables and stands are required, this “plug-and-play” system can be set up and taken down again very easily and quickly. Frequency-response-based 4.1 five-way amping results in a clear, dynamic and balanced sound throughout the frequency range of this system. The array configuration ensures greater coverage with very well-balanced sound distribution even in the farthest corners of the venue.

The MAUI 28, which combines PA and monitoring system in one, guarantees the same sound experience for both audience and musician. No disturbing speaker cables, no speaker stands, no transport issues, simply plug in the mixer and you’re ready to go.

Ideal for exhibitions, shops, galleries, public spaces, weddings…

Pioneer DJM-900SRT DJ Mixer for Serato DJ

The DJM-900SRT is a multi-functional mixer that can accommodate various types of DJs including both traditional and Serato DJ software users, ideal for a single-DJ set-up in a venue. Additionally, Pioneer’s recently announced DDJ-SP1 sub-controller is a perfect companion to the DJM-900SRT to offer Serato DJ users with additional audio samples and effects for enhanced performances.

Designed especially for use with Serato® DJ software, the new mixer eliminates the need for an outboard sound card when used in conjunction with multiple players or turntables. In addition to compatibility with the software, the mixer inherits the same features offered by Pioneer’s highly acclaimed and industry standard DJM-900nexus mixer including onboard effects and high-performance components for intuitive operability and excellent sound quality.

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS Multi-Format DJ Player

The CDJ-900NXS has a large screen with the highest resolution of any CDJs, which displays a host of track information and features inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS. DJs can choose how they view tracks – list, artwork, or custom view – and scroll through using the large rotary dial. In addition to Wave Display, Wave Zoom*1 enables even more precision on loops and cues. DJs can use rekordbox to mark key points on a track, and the CDJ-900NXS counts down to them from up to 64 bars away. Shows the position of the beat in the bar, enabling DJs to compare the phase of each player with the master deck at a glance. This information can be displayed simultaneously on other Multi Player connected via “PRO DJ LINK

Music files can be analyzed with “rekordbox” installed on a computer, music can be managed (settings, create/edit, save logs) in a manner that is suitable for DJ performances, and the music to be used can be prepared in advance. By using the iOS version of “rekordbox” (download from the App Store free of charge), preparation of music can be done anywhere with your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad devices. Android version of “rekordbox” (download from Google Play free of charge) for Android OS devices as well.

Mackie SRM650 1600w Powered Speaker

The Mackie SRM650 is a powered loudspeaker that builds on the incredibly successful SRM450 design. Featuring a brand new all-wood, internally braced enclosure design and manufactured to withstand the rigours of touring, the Mackie SRM650 packs a serious punch with its 12” LF speaker and 1.4” compression driver.

At 1600 watts, there is enough power on tap for even the loudest of applications, and the built-in DSP allows the user to specify their setup to tailor the SRM650 to their needs. The speaker allows you to switch with one button between PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist settings, and eliminate feedback with a built-in feedback destroyer, making it guaranteed to work in any situation.

The Wide-Z XLR inputs and built-in two channel mixer provide a connection for anything from mics to guitars to mixers with ease. To top it off, the Mackie SRM650 also includes DSP-based clip protection to protect the speakers from damage from sudden volume peaks.

Yamaha LS9 16 Channel Digital Console

Eminently portable, the Yamaha LS9-16 is a 16-channel digital console ideal for events or temporary live-sound setups. It boasts an intuitive interface that gives you fast, easy access to all input channel, mix bus, matrix, and master levels. A virtual effect rack offers built-in graphic EQ and enough effects to fill a full-size rack or two if similar analog gear were used. Versatile bus architecture with comprehensive digital patching capability gives you 16 mix buses, 8 matrix buses, and a stereo and mono bus that can be used in LCR mode. Its built-in USB Memory Recorder/Player gives you simple off-board recording, and can also supply background music and sound effects.

• 16 top-performance recallable head amplifiers deliver mic and line sources with stunning presence and realism
• An additional 16 channels available via the Mini-YGDAI expansion slot (external preamps and optional Mini-YGDAI interface cards needed)
• 4 stereo input channels
• An extensive range of channel functions
• Versatile bus architecture with comprehensive digital patching capability
• Virtual GEQ and effect rack
• Built-in USB Memory Recorder/Player
• Full-console scene Store and Recall

Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus DJ Deck

Inheriting the DNA of the much-loved CDJ-2000, the CDJ-2000nexus has evolved beyond DJs’ wildest dreams. DJs can prepare amazing sets and playlists using the included Pioneer rekordbox software or download the new rekordbox app to access the same features on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones or tablets. Music can then be loaded onto the CDJ-2000nexus via USB or, new for the CDJ-2000nexus, Wi-Fi.

The hugely popular Slip Mode is an essential performance tool that takes the risk out of using remix functions such as loop, scratch and reverse. DJs can create live edits while Slip Mode keeps the music playing muted in the background, bringing it back in when the edit is finished. Another new feature is Active Loop; DJs can use rekordbox to set automatic loops in any track. So DJs can extend part of a track, never miss a trick, or prolong the end of a song so the music never runs out unexpectedly.

Pioneer has also added new Quantize functions. So as well as snapping all cue and loop points to the rekordbox beat grid, Hot Cues and Hot Loops can now be triggered in perfect time with the music. A dedicated Quantize button makes it easy to switch between ‘free’ or ‘quantized’ playback, giving DJs the choice to express themselves in the best way for each performance. Automatic recall of Hot Cues and Hot Loops makes the whole creative process even more fluid.

Roland Cube Street

If you’re a musician who’s on the move, the new CUBE Street is for you. Whether you’re running to a rehearsal, lesson, street gig, or any situation that requires portability and versatility, the CUBE Street is a battery-powered marvel that’s ready to travel fast. The CUBE Street sounds amazing and is capable of high-volume output thanks to dual (or two) digital power amps and a pair of high-performance neodymium speakers. And just wait until you hear the built-in Boss effects and amp models!

  • Compact, lightweight stereo amplifier with slanted cabinet design
  • Two high-performance 6.5” neodymium speakers
  • Battery driven (6 x AA, maximum 15-hour continuous use)
  • Dual-channel architecture with Guitar/Inst and Mic/Line inputs
  • 8 COSM® AMPs, 6 digital Boss effects, and Boss chromatic tuner built in
  • 2-band EQ, Delay/Reverb for the Mic/Line-channel

Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station

The Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station is an innovative technologically advanced device for enhancing DJ performances with its ability to create and add a variety of new and unique remix effects, as well as rhythmic sampling capabilities. The RMX-1000 incorporates four remixing functions: Isolate FX, Scene FX, X-Pad FX and Release FX for simple musical arrangements with intuitive control, all accessible at the user’s fingertips. The device includes Pioneer’s remixbox™ editing software to enable users to customize almost every function and feature of the unit. The system can also act as a USB controller when used with the included VST/AU/Pro Tools RTAS RMX-1000 Plug-in software.

Sony DWZ-M50 Digital Radio Mic

Ideal for groups of musicians and bands, the DWZ-M50 produces pristine 24-bit/48kHz linear PCM audio and a wide audio frequency range (10Hz-22kHz) over up to six simultaneous channels for use on the road. Sony’s unique RF technology means the vocal set delivers a reliable and secure transmission even where Wi-Fi and wireless mics are working together. Using the 2.4GHz frequency band for transmission, the DWZ-M50 can be used licence- and cost-free in nearly every country worldwide.

Rane Sixty Two (62) DJ Mixer

The Sixty-Two is a plug-and-play package supporting two computers, two-deck digital vinyl simulation, SP-6 sample player, software and hardware effects and all the record and playback channels you need. Software controls for Library, Loops, Cues and SP-6 are laid out for fast and intuitive access.

Mackie DLM Series Active Speakers

The stunning Mackie DLM Series is made up of the full-range DLM8 and DLM12 active speakers which work singly, in pairs or alongside the powered DLMS12S subwoofer. There’s six good reasons why you should have a look at the DLM series!

Powerful -
Each DLM model features a staggering 2000 watts of power. The powerful Class-D amplifiers are ultra-efficient with optimum heat dispersion and ample protection circuitry to keep things running smoothly night after night.

Portable -
The DLM8 speaker is essentially 12″ × 12″ × 12″; the DSLM12 16″ × 15″ × 14″ an DLM12S sub is 18″ × 16″ × 21″!

Lightweight -
The DLM8 weighs in at 22lbs, the DLM 12 at 31lbs and even the DLM12S subwoofer only weighs 48lbs!

On-Board DL2 Digital Mixer -
Drawing on the powerful mixing capabilities of the popular Mackie DL1608, DLM Series loudspeakers feature a powerful integrated digital mixer with all the effects, processing and tools you need for your professional applications.

Mackie Trusource Technology -
One of the most significant technological innovations of the DLM line is Mackie TruSource™ Technology. It’s a potent combination of a brand new, completely unique, transducer design and powerful proprietary digital signal processing.

Versatile -
The DLM8 & DLM12 can be used singly or in pairs, on tripod stands, on poles (with DLM12S) or stacked. They also double as floor monitors! The speakers can also be chained to make up a larger system.

Click here for full spec.

Shure PSM 900 In-Ear Monitoring

The PSM 900 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System from Shure offers a clear and accurate audio quality and robust RF performance. Innovative features allowing for ease of use and quick setup make it the ideal solution for the most demanding professional applications. All new, patent-pending CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button. Precision front-end RF filtering significantly reduces dropouts from RF interference.

Pioneer CDJ-850 DJ CD Player

The Pioneer CDJ850 Multi-format DJ CD Player is closely based on the industry-standard CDJ2000 and CDJ900 and features Rekordbox- just like its hi-end siblings.

Apart from the ProDJ Link connection, the CDJ-850 inherits many of the most exciting features from the CDJ-2000 and 900, offering major enhancements over the outgoing CDJ-800MK2.

The CDJ-850 features the same large rotary select dial as the CDJ-2000 and is the most affordable product in the range to feature the Wave display to see peaks and drops of the music. An intuitive Tag List feature allows you to think ahead 10, 20 or many more tracks by arranging temporary set lists on the fly. You can save this as a playlist and recall it later in rekordbox or use it again at the next gig. And what’s more, it’s the only player to feature Tag List editing, so you can add, remove and change the order of tracks in the list.

Rekordbox music management software intelligently analyses the tracks you import, and via a cunning mix of BPM counting, beat positioning and other programming voodoo, groups tracks by genre, album and artist, ensuring that you have fast coherent command of you playlists.

The Auto Beat Loop function means that With one press of a button on the player, the user can create various loop performances including- Beat Loop which matches the beat and repeats a 4-beat loop, Loop Divide which while you’re playing a loop, plays the loop at a different rhythm, and Hot Loop which allows you while playing a loop, to return to its start, and begin playing it again.

Loaded with features, the CDJ850 brings Pioneer’s pro-quality sound, design and mixing tools within the reach of the aspirational semi-pro DJ and smaller venues. As well as spinning MP3, WAV, AIFF and ACC encoded CD/CDR/CDRW’s, you can plug in a USB Flash Drive and mix tracks off that too. Despite the price point, it’s capable of playing professional 24-bit music files. It can be used as a Midi controller and 24-bit soundcard for music software, and with HID capability, software companies will be quick to announce Plug&Play support.

Pioneer DJM-850 DJ Mixer

The Pioneer DJM-850, continues to build on the foundations of the industry favourite range of DJ mixers and introduces new exciting features.

The DJM-850 retains all that is good about the Pioneer series of mixers and continues to improve on its creative possibilities. A host of new FX options are available including the Beat Colour Effect, a unique side chaining process which is exclusive to the new DJM 850. Many new tempo synced effects have also been included which have the ability to control various parameters for exciting new rhythmical effects previously not possible with such intuitive control and ease of use. These new features really help to create fresh and exciting sets to work the dance floor time and time again. Control of your output is adjustable via its smooth faders, 3 band EQ and kill switches which have been borrowed from Pioneer’s flagship model.

Pioneer’s DJM-850 is built for both professional and home applications, high quality components allow for superb audio performance via its four stereo channels and two microphone inputs. An on-board 4 channel audio interface with configurable audio settings and routing allow you to connect directly to your host Mac or PC giving instant access to music libraries and software, meaning you can happily hook up your favourite DVS system for a natural and powerful set-up. Being able to recognise when a host is attached via USB allows for rapid integration when time is pressing and the extensive Midi capability on the DJM 850 further emphasises the complete nature of this mixer.

Rane Serato SL4 for Scratch Live

The SL4 gives you the freedom to take your entire digital music collection on the road with advanced Serato Scratch Live features that add extra creativity to your DJing. This intuitive system replicates the traditional DJing experience for “real feel” usability. The Rane SL4 USB 2.0 interface connects up to four vinyl or CD turntables to your computer using a single USB cable with audio connections to line inputs on your DJ mixer of choice. It is the first standalone DJ interface with two USB ports for seamless DJ changeover and back-to-back performances.

The SL4 includes four 12˝ Serato Control records and four Control CDs, two USB cables, and RCA audio cables to your mixer. An international power supply with country adaptors is included to insure continuous performance between DJs.


  • Inputs for four turntables or CD decks, switchable in any combination.
  • Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports for seamless DJ changeover and back-to-back performance.
  • Aux Input for session recording or LiveFeed.
  • Aux Output assignable to the SP-6 Sample Player and The Bridge.
  • 48 kHz and 96 kHz sample rate switch on the SL 4 rear.
  • 10-in 10-out USB sound card with any software supporting ASIO or Core Audio.
  • Built in galvanic isolation for the purest audio signal.
  • Four software-switchable analog Thru connections for regular vinyl or CD.
  • Bus power from either USB port or the included external power supply.

Rane Sixty Eight DJ Mixer

The Rane Sixty Eight is the first professional DJ mixer with two USB 2.0 high-speed ports with support for real-time connection of two computers. Two DJs can work in parallel and/or seamlessly transition from one DJ to another.

• Two independent USB 2.0 High Speed ports, each supporting twenty-two, 32-bit floating-point audio channels at 48 kHz.
• Real-time support for two computers.
• Support for 2, 3 or 4 Virtual Decks on one or two computers.
• Direct control of over 30 Scratch Live Library, Cue and Loop functions.
• Unique FlexFx bus:
Process a sub-mix of up to six audio channels.
Six internal effects with seamless on-beat switching between effects.
External analog insert support for legacy hardware effects.
USB insert support for computer-based effects.
• Four full-featured input channels:
Four stereo Phono/CD inputs of Line, Phono or S/PDIF.
Four stereo auxiliary inputs.
Four stereo USB playback options.
• Two mic inputs: one with phantom power and one with line-level.
• 3-band full-cut EQ, plus new High-pass / Low-pass Filter.
• Flexible USB recording options, record from any PGM or output.
• Internal universal switching power supply (100-230 VAC)

Mackie Onyx 24.4 Live Sound Console

The state-of-the-art Onyx 24.4 brings dozens of new features and enhancements to the table: 100mm Panasonic® faders, premium Onyx mic preamps, completely redesigned analog circuitry with more headroom, greater routing flexibility, new Perkins EQ, and a built-in assignable stereo compressor/limiter.

The Onyx mic preamps offer greater dynamic range and transparency versus any other mixer mic preamp on the market. Newly designed 4-band Perkins EQ offers the sweet, musical sound of the legendary British consoles of yesteryear, yet with greater filter control. And while the 24.4 is not the first mid-format console to offer an onboard compressor/limiter, we specified a THAT® Corporation 4301 assignable stereo compressor/limiter, and then had it custom tailored specifically for the Onyx 4-bus Series.

Finally, overall mixer sound quality and headroom has also been raised, thanks to the use of premium components, completely redesigned summing bus circuitry, and an electronically balanced design throughout the entire signal chain.

Shure KSM9 Condenser Vocal Mic

The KSM9 is a premium vocal condenser microphone that captures vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail to deliver clear articulation and precise vocal reproduction for live performance.

With a switchable polar pattern that allows users to switch between cardioids and super cardioid and its dual diaphragm design the KSM9 is the choice for the world’s most accomplished vocal performances.

Expect smoothness and precision across the entire frequency spectrum as the KSM9 offers clarity comparable only to a studio microphone.

Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 DJ FX Mixer

The Xone:DB4 is a truly ground-breaking mixer and by far the most advanced product that we have designed. Every feature has been meticulously researched with a view to offering DJs ultimate creativity.

Based on the iLive pro-touring FX system, we developed FX algorithms with BPM conscious parameters and tight spectral control, customised to perfectly fit the DJ environment. As the loops and FX are automatically synchronised to the tempo of the track, it is very easy to build some amazing grooves and soundscapes without problems of latency, low fidelity and the general hassle often associated with using software and laptops.

The icing on the cake is the flexible input matrix, where any audio source can be selected on any or all of the channels. Different processing can be applied to the same track on separate channels and you can fade between them, or a phrase sampled in the looper of one channel can be added to the mix later in the track. Our digital design team has done an incredible job to ensure that this is one of the most innovative and exciting DJ mix tools to date.

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus DJ Deck

The DJM-900 Nexus follows Pioneer’s traditional control layout enabling an easy transition to the mixer. As with other Pioneer mixers, the DJM-900 Nexus features a variety of advanced sound effects that allow DJs to have more creative expressions while mixing their music. Three new Sound Color FX, two Beat Effects and an X-Pad control were added to the mixer to enhance the user’s performance.

  • Sound Color FX – The DJM-900 Nexus includes Space, Dub Echo and Gate/Comp in addition to Filter, Crush and Noise for its Sound Color FX. At any time with a simple twist of the knobs, DJs can quickly add their choice of audio effects bringing numerous combinations and arrangements to currently played music.
  • Beat Effect – A total of 13 effects, including two new ones called Spiral and Melodic, can be added by the user at any time to the beat effects is accomplished through a selectable knob located on the right side of the mixer.
  • X-Pad – A touch screen control bar that enables quick access, control, and manipulation of the thirteen built-in beat effects. With a touch and/or slide of the X-Pad control, the user can change the parameters of each effect for further creativity in performances.

Pioneer DJM2000 DJ Mixer

£100.00 per day before customer discount

The Pioneer DJM-2000 Professional DJ Mixer is marked to be the pinnacle of mixers with technological advances that include the industry’s first 5.8-inch multi-touch screen effects, Evolved Beat Effects, Pro DJ Link and MIDI controls. It also features an internal USB audio interface and Pro DJ Link to connect up to four CDJ-2000s/900s and is compatible with any player in the market.

Plus -

  • Manipulate frequencies and alter sounds with EVOLVED BEAT EFFECTS
  • INST FX (Instant Instrument Effect) allows effects to be applied intuitively with a turn of the knob
  • MIDI: Assign various DJM-2000 buttons to trigger other devices
  • Number of Channels: Audio x4, Mic x1
  • Sampling Rate: 96kHz
  • A/D, D/A Converter: 24bit, 32bit
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.004% or less
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 107 dB (LINE)

Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixer

£200.00 per day before customer discount

The LS9-32 is a 32-mic/line input 64-channel digital mixer. While being compact and light enough for one person to move and set up easily, it has features that have been field-proven in previous Yamaha digital consoles as well as outstanding sonic quality. In addition to an extensive range of gating, compression, and equalization capabilities, there’s also a built-in USB memory recorder/player for recording or BGM playback, and other functionality that give you everything you need for small to medium scale live sound or installed applications in remarkably compact, all-in-one consoles.

Turbosound Milan M15 450W Powered Speaker

£90.00 per day before customer discount

This brand new lightweight active speaker from Turbosound is ideal for live club venues, AV Presentations, DJ set-ups, music playback, speech & vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, drum fills, stage monitors… and is bristling with features -

450 watt Class D amplifier
Milan delivers a whopping 450 watts of super-clean power and the most output from a lightweight package. Cutting edge digital electronics offers higher efficiency so there’s no need for bulky heatsinks and allows precise shaping of the loudspeaker’s frequency response depending on how loud it is, thereby optimizing the sound quality at all levels.

Integrated two-channel mixer with mic and line inputs
Easily balances all your audio sources for the perfect mix every time. The lockable jack/XLR inputs will accept instruments, microphones and mp3 players so you won’t even need a separate mixer for most gigs.

Internal DSP with frequency-dependent limiting
Delivers maximum audio quality and protects the drive units from accidental damage. The sophisticated limiters act quickly and transparently to make sure that Milan operates well within its safe limits.

Mix-out function allows daisy-chaining of Milan loudspeakers
Milan provides the versatility to easily expand your system. Simply connect from the mix-out to one of the inputs on the next Milan loudspeaker and you have an extra mic or line input to add to the mix.

Converging Eliptical Waveguide
Helps to distribute your sound more evenly over a wider listening area so you need fewer loudspeakers to cover your audience effectively. Its shallow profile allows both the drive units to be aligned so that the highs and lows are perfectly in sync with each other. The result is better sound to a wider audience.

Symmetrical trapezoidal shape with 43° wedge angle
Milan is a main PA loudspeaker or floor monitor all in one box. We’ve created exactly the right wedge angle – derived from the world’s most popular concert stage wedge, the TFM-450 – so strap on that LP, get a boot up on the wedge and strike a pose.

Click here for more Turbosound M15 information.

RCF ART705-AS Active Subwoofer

£80.00 per day before customer discount

The ART 705-AS is an extremely compact high output active subwoofer system that delivers tight, fast controlled bass response at very high efficiency levels.

The High Current 800 W Class H amplifier provides the best performance alongside an increased dynamic range.

Applications include small to medium size live music and playback and match perfectly with our Mackie SRM450 and Turbosound M15 powered speakers.

Rane Serato SL3 for Scratch Live

£60.00 per day before customer discount

The SL 3 connects one or two standard vinyl or CD turntables to your computer and the mixer of your choice. Using regular turntables or CD players, you can scratch and mix files from your Mac or Windows computer’s CD or hard drive.

Enhanced by studio grade preamps and 24-bit audio processing, this compact new solution produces a warm punchy sound to heighten the senses. The Auxiliary Ouputs allow DJs and electronic musicians to intensify the mix with the Scratch Live SP-6 Sample Player. The Auxiliary Inputs provide a live input feed for creative sampling or recording your set. Use any combination of audio sources: control CD, control vinyl, MIDI or regular CDs and vinyl for more flexibility than ever.

Pioneer CDJ2000 DJ Deck

£80.00 per day before customer discount

The new species of DJ players from Pioneer is finally here. The CDJ2000 will play from CD, SD or USB as well as control your favourite software via MIDI.

The CDJ-2000 is the ultimate technologically advanced multi-format player in the world. No matter what your media preference is, the CDJ-2000 can handle them all with great performance, reliability, and confidence. It enables playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD, DVD-ROM, SD card and USB memorydevices. You can also assign various buttons of the CDJ-2000 to trigger other devices, such as DJ effecters and software with MIDI mapping capability

Holophone H2-PRO & H3-D Surround Sound Mics

H2-PRO £200.00 per day before customer discount

H3-D £120.00 per day before customer discount

The Holophone surround sound microphone system is a patented audio recording system designed specifically to address the challenges audio professionals face today with recording multi-Channel surround sound all applications – HDTV broadcasting, standard broadcasting of live sporting and music events, DVD music concerts, feature film location recording, and studio recording for music and films.

Until now, there was no simple and cost effective method to record and broadcast up to 7.1 channels of high quality surround sound. Holophone is the next generation “front-end” for all multichannel recording applications.

The unique and recognizable, elliptical shape of the Holophone H2-PRO emulates the characteristics of a human head. Sound waves “bend around” the H2-PRO as they do around the head providing the most accurate spatiality, audio imaging, and natural directionality of any audio capture device. Capturing the directionality of these soundwaves translates into a very realistic surround sound experience.

The H3-D is a powerful tool for engineers, content producers and artists on all levels to craft realistic and exciting surround sound tracks. It enables 5.1 surround sound capture for pro audio, project studios, live music production, educational applications and faith-based facilities as well as professional broadcast and recording studios.

Click here for more Holophone information.

DPA 4099 Guitar Clip Mic

£30.00 per day before customer discount

Perfect for acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and dobro, the 4099 Guitar offers practically unlimited placement possibilities as well as a sound that is considerably more natural than an internal microphone or pick-up.

  • Superior gain-before-feedback
  • Wireless compatible
  • Flexible and easy one-hand mounting
  • Holder gentle to the instrument

ButtKicker Concert

£50.00 per day before customer discount

ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers are musically accurate, powerful, virtually indestructible and patented linear transducers, which recreate amplified audio signals in the feeling range. They are similar to loudspeakers, but instead of moving a cone, and transferring sound waves through the air, they attache to seats, floors, platforms, etc, and send low frequency sound directly into the listener’s body. The effect is amazing.

It takes two senses to perceive full range sound. We hear sound, but we also feel sound, especially low frequency. Traditionally, it has taken big speakers, moving tremendous amounts of air, to feel the low frequency of sound. People like loud concerts because they want to feel the sound pressure in their bodies.

However, ButtKicker transducers reproduce the feeling range of audio in a more direct way than through air. The perception is actually better and sound pressure disappears. When using headphones, for example, with ButtKicker brand transducers, the listener perceives powerful, musically accurate, concert-level audio, but no one else hears anything. The sound is completely isolated to the listener.

Neumann KMS104 Live Vocal Condenser Mic

£30.00 per day before customer discount

The KMS 104 has a microphone capsule with a cardioid directional characteristic which provides the best possible suppression of sounds originating from behind the microphone.

A carefully adjusted acoustic filter and transformerless impedance converter that can handle very high sound pressure levels, prevent the microphone from being overloaded even by strong plosive sounds. The filters thus ensure a very high level of feedback protection for the KMS 104 bk vocalist microphone when it is used with a stage sound system.

Special electronic compensation is used for the proximity effect and there is also an invariable, built-in high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 120 Hz (3 dB, measured in a free sound field). The dynamic range of the KMS 104 is 132 dB, and the maximum sound pressure level is 150 dB. The low self-noise level of only 18 dB-A permits the KMS104 to be used at high gain levels without the risk of additional noise. Even at large distances, it can operate with a high signal-to-noise ratio, facilitating the freedom of movement and creativity that are important to the artist.

Technics SL1210 Mk5 Turntable

£40.00 per day before customer discount

The SL1210MK5 has the same dependable construction as the famous and record selling SL1210MK2 with the addition of 0.6g Anti Skate (0.3g on the SL1210MK2), Adjustable Brake Speed accessed from just beneath the platter, continuous pitch shift with a reset control for 100% precision and finished off with a Long Life White LED Stylus Light. Technics black finish.

0.6g Anti Skate
Adjustable Brake Speed
Long Life LED Stylus Light
0.8% Continuous Pitch Shift with Reset
Black Finish
Turntable Type Quartz Direct Drive
Starting Torque 1.5kg(cm)
Speeds 33/45 RPM
Tonearm Shape Universal S-Shaped
Tonearm Offset Angle 22%
Pitch Control 0-8% Continuous with Reset
Brake Speed Adjust
Stylus Light White Long Life LED
Cable Type High Grade
Anti Skate 0-6g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 453 × 172 × 355

Rane TTM57SL DJ Mixer &
Serato Scratch LIVE Software

£80.00 per day before customer discount

The TTM 57SL and Scratch LIVE combine a mixer that fully integrates hardware, software and software controls in one powerful package.

The mixer itself features all the traditional qualities you’d expect rane to provide including zero contact magnetic faders, for guaranteed life and performance, as well as killer eqs and battle ready design. It also features an 8 channel audio interface for direct to computer connection and instant use with the included serato scratch software. The sm57sl allows the dj to simultaneously play a combination of digital and analog sources, play up to two digital files controlled by vinyl or cd while recording your mix or, record two stereo sources when not using vinyl or cd control. The traditional mixer console controller design means mixing, cuing and dj’ing analog and digital sources is straight forward, and the unit will operate as a standalone, no-compromise performance mixer.

See below for typical set-up.

Proel HCM09 Head Mic – Beige

£20.00 per day before customer discount

Practically invisible, the HCM09 features a state-of-the-art technology. This microphone is ideally suitable for every application which requires perfect audibility and an accentuated sound. The high-quality back electret cartridge of omnidirectional characteristic with an optimised sound provides a voice reproduction of the brilliant high range which is virtually unequalled. This microphone is the solution where headSET-based systems are rather inconvenient to use. Three adapters are supplied which make it compatible with AKG pocket transmitters (3-pole XLR) ,pocket transmitters from Shure (4-pole XLR) and pocket transmitters from Sennheiser (minijack 3,5)

Mackie SRM150 Compact
Active Loudspeaker

£40.00 each per day before customer discount

The SRM150 combines Mackie’s proven mixer and SRM Active loudspeaker technologies to create a powerful, great-sounding 3-channel PA system that is ultra-compact, versatile and expandable. The Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from boardroom A/V to live musical performance in coffee houses, piano bars, or rehearsals.

The built-in three-channel mixer features two combo XLR/line inputs (with true 48V phantom power), a stereo channel for CD/MP3 players, and Mackie’s powerful 3-band Active EQ. The SRM150 can even be mounted on a mic stand, making it the ideal personal monitor.

Shure ULX UHF Professional Wireless Systems

£60.00 per day before customer discount

In addition to an already substantial radio mic stock, we have just purchased an additional 8 Shure ULX UHF Professional Systems. Each kit consists of a Beta87 handheld mic, lavalier mic, headset mic, beltpack and receiver.

The ULX Professional systems offer more advanced features and controls, including lockable settings and group scan function. Over 1400 selectable, pre-programmed frequencies are available, and Automatic Frequency Selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel.

Also available to hire are the Shure UA844 Antenna Distribution Amp and the Shure UA870WB External Antennas. See rate card for rates.

Numark VM03 3 Screen LCD Video Display Monitor

£60.00 per day before customer discount

The Numark VM03 is a 3 screen/6 input LCD video display monitor designed for any video monitoring application. The advanced design of the VM03 allows the user to monitor his video source in either a rack mount or table top application. What separates the VM03 from other video monitors in the market is the adjustable design of the viewing angle. This unique and original design allows the video producer/engineer to properly position the viewing angle of the VM03 up to 96 degrees. The feature works while the VM03 is either being used on a table top or mounted in a professional rack (3U spaces required). This flexibility in viewing angle is ideal for DJ and broadcast applications, where limited space may prohibit easy viewing angles.

Pioneer EFX1000 DJ
Performance Effector

£40.00 per day before customer discount

Developed with the help of some of the world’s leading DJs and club installers, the EFX-1000 is the world’s first DJ effects unit to deliver 24 Bit/96kHz digital sampling, using 32 Bit digital sound processing. This ensures a vastly improved audio quality in comparison to the other effectors currently available, while the impressive variety of on-board effects including Delay, Echo, Trans, Flanger and Phaser means that professionals can enjoy the widest-ever scope for creativity in their mixes.

Based upon Pioneers popular EFX-500 effects unit and with a Digital Jog Dial at its heart, the EFX-1000 establishes a new benchmark in professional effectors by uniting audio purity with a number of industry-first features. These include a new Rhythm Effect that allows DJs to process any effect alongside a pre-programmed rhythm, and some innovative Digital Jog Effects – including Vocoder, Phase Shifter and Humanizer that can be maintained using the new Hold Switch.

Work Stage 2412 DMX
Lighting Controller

£40.00 per day before customer discount

The Stage 2412 is a versatile lighting control mixer suitable for theatres, auditoriums and halls where professional control is necessary.

Pioneer DJM700 DJ Mixer

£70.00 per day before customer discount

Carrying most of the features of the Pioneer DJM800, the new DJM700 has a very unique master filter which can be overlaid on any other effects and can be switched to sweep over the EQ band to filter frequency ranges.

The effects section also features a couple of new additions like the Robot and Crusher.

If you want MIDI control then the DJM700 is for you too, with full MIDI mapping on all but 3 controls and the ability to switch the control on and off.

The DJM700 features the same high quality build and sound of the DJM800 and with great quality faders. The full 24bit 96Khz digital processing of the DJM700 and digital output gives you the cleanest signal around.

Allen & Heath XONE:92 DJ Mixer

£80.00 per day before customer discount

The XONE:92 has 6 dual stereo channels, two offering mic inputs, adding up to a massive 10 stereo and 2 microphone inputs. XONE:92’s full range of connectors means that you can connect up to 4 turntables, 2 mics, CD players, MD players, drum machines, samplers, and pretty much anything else you might want to bring into the mix.

MIDI data is transmitted enabling remote control of external effects, samplers, sequencers including Ableton LIVE and the Korg KAOS Pad. Tap Tempo related MIDI clocks are also transmitted from the XONE:92 to provide synchronisation of MIDI sound modules to pre-recorded sources playing through the mixer.

Vestax PMC-08Pro Digital Mixer

£50.00 per day before customer discount

Designed from input from a host of djs from around the world coupled with the technical knowledge and experience of the Vestax engineers, this mixer has so many features it will keep even the most technical dj satisfied, plus it has a truely top class sound quality.

The PMC-08Pro is Vestax’s Professional Hybrid DigitalMixer featuring 24bit 96kHz DSP technology. Go to Vestax’s website to see all the specification read more…

Pioneer DJM909 DJ Mixer

£60.00 per day before customer discount

The Pioneer DJM909 offers DJs innovative features; precise cross fader/fade curve control, user-customizable cross fader glide adjustment, and touch screen control of the built-in effects. The DJM-909 boasts the highest quality in sound and design that exceed today’s battle/performance mixers.

Features include -

2 Channels
4 Line Inputs
2 Turntable Inputs
2 Switchable Phono/Line Inputs
2 Fader Start Inputs
3 Band EQ per channel(-26dB to +6dB)
EQ On/Off switch
1 Mic Input (Neutric / 1/4" combo)
2 Band Mic EQ

Shure Beta 91 Kick Drum Mic

£40.00 per day before customer discount

The Shure Beta 91â„¢ is specifically designed for kick drums and other bass instruments.

The Beta 91 combines superior “attack” and “punch” for studio quality sound, even at the extremely high sound pressure levels encountered inside a kick drum. Its boundary effect design produces a strong, solid low-end response that has been specifically tailored for heavy bass applications.

The microphone’s cardioid pattern provides outstanding gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted sound, making the Beta 91 ideal for live concert applications. The low profile design of the Beta 91 eliminates the need for external mounting hardware – just throw it in your kick drum and play.

DPA 4088VS Miniature Cardioid String Microphone

£30.00 per day before customer discount

The DPA 4088VS utilises the same capsule as fitted to the 4088 headset mic, but has been designed to mount onto stringed instruments. The frequency response of the mic is designed to be flat 2-3 cms from the source. If you get closer the bass response will rise, if go further away you will lose bass response – the usual problems with cardioid proximity effect. In many live situations an omni capsule is adequate, but if you need some extra separation, say on a very noisy stage with drums and loads of wedges then you will probably need 4088VS directional mic.

Litedeck Modular Staging

£60.00 per module per day before customer discount

Staging is a cost effective way of transforming a venue into an effective events space. Whether a floor needs to be raised, or levelled, inside or out, staging can create the desired platform for guests or performers.

Each module is 8ft x 4ft and can be erected to 6", 12" or 18" height.

Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer

£60.00 per day before customer discount

A powerful 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit digital mixer with first class sonic fidelity and immense connectivity, including 61 fully assignable MIDI controls a full range of effects with additional innovative new ‘sound colour effects’ across all channels.

Edirol V-4 Video Mixer

£60.00 per day before customer discount

No, not really in the wrong category, the V-4 is a 4-channel Video Mixer designed for easy portability and with a comprehensive specification. It is ideal for use in clubs, churches, theatres, and any live performance. The compact design of the V-4 gives you the freedom to go anywhere and make your video come alive.

For cutting-edge Multimedia artists, the V-4 offers V-LINK, an exciting new feature from Edirol and Roland that gives you realtime performance control over digital video, for the ultimate in creative expression. V-LINK allows the user to trigger clips, perform video effects and transitions in real-time when connected with the Edirol DV-7PR (sold separately). The V-4 video mixer also has MIDI in/out/through, for real-time or sequenced control of video sources with effects and transitions.

Pioneer DVJ-1000 Pro DVD Turntable

£150.00 per day before customer discount

The fully loaded Pioneer DVJ-1000 offers the same operation and layout as the CDJ-1000MK3, but with enhanced DVD specifications, the new deck allows DJs to easily create and add visuals to their sets.

Its core CDJ-1000MK3 capabilities are enhanced by several groundbreaking features, while DVD visuals can be manipulated as you would music; so digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible.

DJs can perform audio-only sets while having the option to mix DVD with a powerful and versatile range of effects on hand. The best of both worlds.

Additional features include MP3 compatibility (with an intuitive navigator), a brighter and larger WAVE display, studio-quality 96 kHz/24-bit audio and several new innovations like 4X hyper jog mode and a back-and-forth loop button.

It’s a globetrotter too, playing both NTSC and PAL DVDs using a built-in standards converter; ideal for performers working with DVDs from Europe and the States.

Little Labs Red Eye DI Box

£40.00 per day before customer discount

Continuing in the tradition of creating unique tools for the pro audio engineer, Little Labs introduces the Red Eye. The Red Eye is a passive direct box/re-amp  box with unique expansion capabilities. The high quality passive direct box in the Red Eye features phase reverse and earth lift. At the push of a button the Red Eye converts from a direct box into a re-amp box with its own input and output connectors. The re-amp in the Red Eye features earth lift, phase reverse, and level control.

Allen & Heath GL2400 32/4/2 Console

£110.00 per day before customer discount

The Allen & Heath GL2400-424 has many uses. As pioneers of dual functionality, Allen Heath have ensured that every detail of the concept has been carefully implemented with no controls redundant. When mixing front-of-House, the monitors can be set pre-insert as well as pre-EQ to prevent your house mix EQ and compression affecting the stage mix. Per channel aux switching on the Allen & Heath GL2400-424 means you can mix pre-fade with post-fade sends such as theatre radio mics and sound effects. As a monitor console, the aux masters get faders, inserts, mutes, meters and balanced XLR drive. You even get a fader controlled engineer’ wedge feed. The Groups and LR mixes are still available to create yet more sends. In monitor mode the Allen & Heath GL2400-424 can provide up to 10 mixes, for example 6 wedge and 2 stereo IEM.

Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics Processor

£80.00 per day before customer discount

The Square ONE dynamics provides eight channels of configurable, high-performance dynamics processing in a 3U package. Users can select the required mode of operation, allowing the multi-mode dynamics processor to function as a default compressor (RMS-sensing type), vintage compressor (peak-sensing type), broadband frequency-conscious compressor; hi-Q frequency-conscious compressor (de-esser), limiter, expander or gate. Square ONE dynamics also provides i-TS (Intelligent Threshold Shift) with the gate-hold function to reduce chattering within the gate, stereo and multichannel operation, solo bus operation, 6-segment/3-color input meter and 10-segment attenuation depth meter.

Midas Venice 32/4/2 Console

£130.00 per day before customer discount

The Midas Venice is a high quality alternative in applications ranging from smaller conference or live band to use as an effects returns console or using additional inputs in a large multi-console application, or indeed as part of a small complete mobile system. It also provides the perfect feature set for live acts who need to mix their own FOH and monitor sound from on-stage, and is compact and light enough to fit on even the most cramped performance area.

As usual, Midas has paid attention to the details that set their consoles apart taking care to provide high quality mic preamps and a stable, responsive EQ section, just as they do on their larger consoles. The simple but intuitive outputs make the overall configuration of the console extremely quick and easy to use.

Sennheiser EW 550 Diversity
Radio System

£60.00 per day before customer discount

The EM 550-UK combines 2 true-diversity receivers with an integrated switched-mode power supply and an antenna splitter. With the active splitter it is possible to cascade multiple receivers quickly and simply without any additional equipment. The special UK version has a rugged case, advanced RF filtering and greatly improved selectivity over other Evolution Series receivers. 1U rack-mountable.

Sennheiser SKP500 G2
Plug-On Transmitter

£30.00 per day before customer discount

The SKP 500 G2 plug-on transmitter converts any wired microphone to wireless. It features switchable 48V phantom powering for condenser microphones. The plug-on transmitter can be combined with any of the receivers from the EW 500 G2 Series or the EM 550 G2. It features nine frequency banks with up to 20 directly accessible presets each.






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